This post was inspired by a Jordan Peterson podcast episode; link posted below.

If the least interesting question to ask any religion is, “is it true?”, then the same could be said of any cultural artifact. Like history or political theory.

The significance of what remains of us after our…

For all the hatred being tossed around so loosely today, and the ensuing political opportunism that eagerly exploits the vulnerable among us, I feel compelled to consider this hatred and provoke one another to challenge the suppositions we are being presented with on all sides.

On the question of racial…

Out here
Where there's room to breathe
Just fed the chickens
Looking around now
Let's see

Coffee in hand
A little musing by day
What will I think?
What will I say?

Old friend
Your kindness stays with me
Prelude to the strange
They say there are taxes
Just not within range…

As I stare across the void
For a better place
I know I'm looking right through you
I think
You know it too

And there
I finally said it
Put the words out of my mouth

I'm scraping
Finally at the bottom
And what this thing's all about


The Gyri of the Thinker’s Brain as a Maze of Choices in Biomedical Ethics1997 by Bill Sanderson

Before entering the maze of choices we all face in life, understanding how to accurately measure time and productive effort is vital.

Four years ago I decided to spend time asking questions I suspected were answerable, but had never found the courage or the time to seriously consider. Thanks to…

the timeless — Winter River

Infinite portrayal


Unmake me

I have nothing to share


Have that

If you will

Find the time


Comes easily

All you have to do is wait

Infinity will be here

Any moment

I have nothing to hide

Just the same

I gave up doing

Long ago


In life, my friends, timing is everything. And when yours is impeccable, all good paths will do; fortuitous and happy, the journey ensues.

This life, a joy. A timely journey. Don't hurry; though days be few. Find rest in self assurance. No need to rush. Take little worry.

For greatness…

Lofty Muse

Thinking about. Most compatible with those in no hurry, for those in no rush. Slow is fast. To rest, is gain.

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