Making Love on a Saturday

Out here
Where there's room to breathe
Just fed the chickens
Looking around now
Let's see

Coffee in hand
A little musing by day
What will I think?
What will I say?

Old friend
Your kindness stays with me
Prelude to the strange
They say there are taxes
Just not within range

I'm certain to get there
Now what do you say?

Jazz in the background
Oatmeal on the stove
Saw my bank account lately
A little closer to mauve

The rain is falling out here
Or is it me?

My belly is full
Though my mind idles empty
Is there darkness inside?
How do many find plenty?

For free

For free


In a cabin
Built - they say in '84
Not every story will make it

Make it fit through that door

Some of the stories I hear
(if they made up these walls)

Like a tower of screaming

Made up of legends
Made up of falls

So make your eyes bright
And look all around
Turn your senses to lovers
Make love on the ground

Feed your heart to rise


See now

I'm standing beneath this sunset

I'll be resting here

Underneath this old tin roof

Awaiting Judgement

Surveying Justice

Above a hard plain proof


Well the world of our mind is now aching

And the mind of our world
... it is cracking



Listen in with me now

'A Prelude in E'

Softly plays

Feel the truth in this Reason

The surface - I hear it speaking

Penetrating day

Just below I hear it calling

Let love prevail - we mustn't fray


You can tell me that I'm wrong

That it simply isn't so

You can stand there while I listen

Still I'm out here on my own

So I listen very closely

As these hills rocks and trees

Cut the cold

Of cold embraces

For a greater story - of cold

My cold

My love

Colder than cold

It leaves me hot

(the kind of cold that burns our faces)

Like these winds they blow -

no leaving any traces

So blow you

Blow hard

And when you feel the stiffening Wind

Recall - we stood together

We heard the Masses

Their plea - our prayer - a call to End


Meanwhile I listen to the breezes

It's the moondance

It's the breezes that blow

I could be wrong

But how would you know?


Out here
When there's room to breathe
I feed the chickens
Look around now
Let's see

Coffee in hand
A little musing by day
How will we think?
How will we pray?

Old friend
A kind of stranger
Estrange the old bad news

Review the love
That came before us
Relieve these strange previews

Renew my love of Prelude
Go down easy
It's been a while

They say there’s lots of taxes
But I just can’t help but smile

Thinking about. Most compatible with those in no hurry, for those in no rush. Slow is fast. To rest, is gain.