This. A monologue from Zach Bush M.D. on our mortality and the future of our species.

In 2013, a series of events transformed my life. I point back to these events as the experiences that precipitated a radical shift in my worldview. None of these experiences included drugs of any kind.

All of these experiences were self-generated. I think it’s important to know this, since many people are under the illusion that psychedelics alone can bring us to higher states of consciousness. In my experience, the Divine requires no such intermediary. Only our humility, and a willingness to submit to a higher authority; one that is loving; caring enough to guide us into the natural order of things.

These experiences began with radical curiosity, accompanied by playfulness and a kind discipline; opening my heart and my mind to life and to love. “Yes” became my waking prayer. With each stage of this life affirming journey, came a choice to continue or to stop. Each stage also brought me closer to a first hand understanding of my own existential nature.

I began to see mortality as something fluid and changeable. Life was becoming a negotiation along with my relationship to dying. I learned there are parts of the ego/self that must be allowed to pass away in order for new growth to arise.

As a Christian, I honor the teachings of Jesus Christ who taught that it is easier for a man to move through the eye of a needle, than it is to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. There are profound clues in this teaching for those who are willing to renegotiate their relationship to consciousness. As a student of various religions, I know there are similar clues in many other traditional forms of belief.

I began Lofty Muse in 2016, as a way to enshrine those transformative moments from years past; to keep the promise of renewal alive, along with a hope for transformation in community.

In part, that’s why I value this monologue so much. Enjoying life to the maximum, naturally leads to a new relationship with our mortality. So wherever life leads you, know that your freedom is sure to follow. Together, we can depend on it.



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